internal audit, internal control and risk management


trainings and seminars in internal audit, internal control and risk management


corporate governance, strategic planning

Activity principles and services

Company's business model is based on partnership principles. It allows to allocate professional and competent recourses to each task or project.

  • We are not consultants, but your partners – temporary or permanent members of your team. We supplement your team with our experience, skills and competence.
  • We have database of our professionals’ partners and we care about their continues professional development in special topics.
  • For each project we build the team from professionals which have best fit experience and competencies for that case.
  • We have implemented control procedures to manage outsourcing risks.
Internal audit
Independent external assessment of internal audit activity's
Corporate governance
Risk management and internal control
  1. 1
    Internal audit

    • Establishment of internal audit function:
      • selection of internal audit framework;
      • policies and procedures preparation (charters, methodology etc.);
      • preparation of document’s templates;
      • auxiliary tools preparation (for planning, monitoring progress);
      • establishment of quality assurance and improvement program.
    • Internal audit function implementation (outsourcing).
    • Separate internal audit activities tasks performance:
      • risk based year planning;
      • performing separate internal audit engagements.
    • Trainings.

  2. 2
    Independent external assessment of internal audit activity's

    • External assessment of internal audit function effectiveness, maturity, alignment with IPPF and good practice. This is quality assurance and improvement program element.

    According to IPPF External assessments must be conducted at least once every five years by a qualified, independent assessor or assessment team from outside the organization

  3. 3
    Corporate governance

    • Business model description;
    • Business plan preparation for startup’s and others;
    • Governance model settlement;
    • Governance system framework establishment, optimization and implementation;
    • Organizational and functional structure, process map, accountability ant responsibility matrix/registers preparation and implementation;
    • Preparation of Internal documentation and it’s map;
    • Moderation of strategic sessions;
    • Trainings.

  4. 4
    Risk management and Internal control

    • Design and implementation of the framework for managing risk;
    • Risk management process implementation (partial or full risk management integration into organizational processes);
    • Design and implementation of the framework for internal control system;
    • Design of the risk management maturity assessment model;
    • Assessment of risk management maturity and effectiveness;
    • Design of the internal control maturity assessment model;
    • Assessment of internal control maturity and effectiveness;
    • Outsourced management of separate risks (including compliance risk);
    • Full risk management function implementation (outsourcing);
    • Organization risk mapping;
    • Support in preparing tools for risk management;
    • Trainings.

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